brand philosophy

The Fromage Table is grounded in prioritising indulgence in life's most simple and soulful pleasures, good food and great friendship.

The Fromage Table brand philosophy was born from the belief that beauty begins with the company you keep and the revelry enjoyed with family and friends is amongst life's most intimate enjoyments.

The idea to establish a creative offering that  provided others with opportunities and inspiration to create memories in beautiful settings came from the very heart of The Fromage Table - conversation amongst friends.

With eternal memories made over their two favourite things rosé and cheese, Holly Brown and Taegan Reid, colleagues come best friends, felt compelled to share with others these moments of beauty.

More than just a gourmet catering and luxury event offering, The Fromage Table exists to serve as a reminder to take time to indulge yourself with happiness, in whatever form than manifests for you.

ABOUT the founders

Stylists, Creative Consultants and Brand Influencers, both bring to The Fromage Table a background in the creation of aspirational lifestyle content and share a love of wanderlust, style and slow living on the South East Gold Coast - where they call home. What binds them is friendship, an unwavering spirit for beautiful aesthetics and love of precious time spent with family and friends.

Subsisting on a diet of fashion and the arts, literature and great writers, frequently lost in words and whisperings, blogs and print publications, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards, the world of style, luxury, beauty and brands (its influencers and its future) is innate to these girls. More than that, their minds dances with strategic ideas. They are deep thinkers, unimaginably passionate about the way forward for brands in a digital environment and the power of social media to make brands personable and luxury accessible to all.

Holly lives and breathes design in its entirety.  Her love of food began at home in her family kitchen in Tasmania where she would spend countless hours with her grandmother creating handwritten recipes and learning from her father who was a chef. A passion that today is as ingrained as these memories. With qualifications in Interior Design & Commercial Arts and a diverse range of experience in illustration, graphics, art, interior design, event styling and the creation of luxury brand identities, has seen Holly in demand from world leading brands and providing her eye to Coco Republic, The LANE, Williams-Sonoma and Aperol. Her dreamy, emotive, aspirational, yet honest content creation and authentic look at the world through her eyes has created success for numerous brands in an extremely competitive environment.

Taegan, with her love of words spent her early career in luxury PR where she worked across the Brand and PR strategy for some of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurants, as well as Comitte Champagne and Longchamp. She then went on to manage the creative content of leading luxury wedding website, The LANE. Creating visual and written editorial content for leading lifestyle and fashion brands. Now creative director of luxury travel label Mon Amour and Brand Manager of The French Beauty Academy - her love of effortless French style and living continues.

To The Fromage Table project, both girls bring their heart and soul to create an honest and beautiful celebration of those moments in life that you look back on with deep fondness.